They R N My Head...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Rant

So it is flu seasin and who knows better than me. I have been out of commission for a week and I feel like shit. The flu took my body and I don't kno how to get it back. It started with a sore throat then and aching everything then I just simply felt like shit. After that I was left with this cough. Oh this cough is going to be my dimise. My throat itches andthen I cough uncontrollably for a long time this leaves me with a headache and a still itching throat. I will never get well I feel like I am dying. Oh did I mention that the coughing is making me throw up. Yes a lot. I can't keep a damn thing down when I start coughing. I just want this shit to be over. It is not sexy at all.

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