They R N My Head...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have decided to leave this blog open as an archive to my past but I will be starting a new blog will be more thoughtful and a little more of who I am now check it out...CINDY OUT

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Life of Mine

I kno its been a while sorry ppl. My computer (the new one) went crazy. So welcome to 2010 with Cindy. Cindy has had her heart broken twice this year already. How in the hell. India Arie said it best no one has the power to hurt you like your friends. I kno they love me but some times they r too much. One is a lovely person but they have a mood problem and the other keeps surprising me. My life

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Warning This Topic is NOT For the Femininaly Sensative

So I was watching my show...Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Lisa mentioned she used the NuvaRing and I had a Gyno appointment coming up. So I let the doctor know that I was interested in changing birth control from the pill to the NuvaRing. I should have changed my mind when she said the muthfucka was $50 for one ring, but i inquired with my insurance company and they said I could get 3 for $ I'm like damn what a i get my prescription and head to Kroger. I get to the Kroger pharmacy and that lady tells me that it will be $120 for 3 rings and i get all get to the point I got one for $40, took it home and put it in. The packaging says specifically "you should not be able to feel the NuvaRing once inserted" so for the first 20 minutes I didn't and then all of a sudden it felt like something was trying to crawl out of me. So I go to the bathroom and what to a see...the little plastic ring sticking out.
SO let me explain this before i go any further...
As you can see from the diagram the Ring should be near the Green writing but it some how ends up near the Black writing. I have no conclusions because they claim that after sex it could fall out but after sex it always ends up in the perfect position for days even forget that it is there. But now I am just done I really think I am just going to go back to the pill, I mean at least with the pill I know it will stay in place and do its job. Well I just wanted to say that cuz it was grinding my gears.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Rant

So it is flu seasin and who knows better than me. I have been out of commission for a week and I feel like shit. The flu took my body and I don't kno how to get it back. It started with a sore throat then and aching everything then I just simply felt like shit. After that I was left with this cough. Oh this cough is going to be my dimise. My throat itches andthen I cough uncontrollably for a long time this leaves me with a headache and a still itching throat. I will never get well I feel like I am dying. Oh did I mention that the coughing is making me throw up. Yes a lot. I can't keep a damn thing down when I start coughing. I just want this shit to be over. It is not sexy at all.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


So I'm about to take a nap before I go to work but I just wanted to stop in to get real and say I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and I wish u all the best in life.

Now I'm sleepy and I must go...MUAH MUAH. Luv

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life's Riddle: Who, When, Where?

I am the bloom of a flower on a summers crisp day
I am the melting of the ice from that summer suns ray
I am the dream that exhales from the eyes of all day
I am the growth of the seed that was blown a stray

It was a time when the world needed to free space
When every where that u went was the perfect place
When time was slow and man knew no race
When women carried themselves with style and grace

It is a place where men and women can all me free
Where there's no I, me, them, or us, just WE
Where things are asked of you and there is no decree
Where u can be a somebody with no degree

These are the question asked of me
Where will I go and who will I be
I answer these questions simply
I am who I am and I'll be who I be

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Death of My Future

If you dont know who this young man is I suggest you turn on a TV, Radio, internet anything and look at it. This is Derrion Albert and this young man was beaten to death last month by a group of teenagers, and yes it was recorded and put on the internet(our generation I guess). Just talkin about this is making me sad and making me want to cry. Please research him for me so you can know why I am saddened. But recently I have been rethinking my desire to move to Chicago and I really think that this has mad my decision for me. I have never really felt this way about these things..I have watched fights on YouTube all the time but this one touched me. It is disgusting how our blck youth are killing one another and no one seems to want to talk...How can I dream of raising my children in a place where they may not live to see 17 y/o. Something needs to be done because if this is the future...the world is in danger....I cant type anymore My eyes are clouded by my tears.