They R N My Head...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I Was Thinking...

So I was just sitting here thinking. What happened to the days where movies weren't remakes of another movie. I miss the days where the writers were creative and had a vision. I used to pride myself on not going to see a movie just because of the actors that are in them but now that is the only way to determine a good movie. Or an original movie. Like that's just crazy to me and I just wanted to put my thoughts out there.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Dont Like it One Bit

The swine flu is officially killing Americans. A 23month old child died from the swine flu and I am officially scared. I know that its a baby and their immune system is not as strong as that of an adult but its still kinda scary. I hope that I get lucky enough anf that I am blesseg enough for this sickness to pass me by. But this is definately proof of the end of times. Sicknesses are mutating from animals and infected humans and killing up. If I get this sickness I could definately end up broke and homeless and I don't have time for that. So right now all I can do is pray that this sickness does not affect me or any of my loved ones. And I think u should pray too

PS I really need some sleep I am mad mad mad tired

Nighttime Poetry

So many word in English
So many ways to form them
The hazard in the danger
There's no real way to warn them
There has to be a guiding light
A meaning to these scars
I wait for love to come from a far
To wait with open arms
But I get nothing
No not a thing
Not a smile or wink or glimps
The thing I love of about life the most
Are the rapid growths and skimps
The skimps off peoples daily act
To take a final sip
So sip away at your little cup of life
And make your dreams come true
'Cause a dream is just a reality living inside of you
Copyright 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Words

Well there will be no blog at Mayweather Planet today but I will have a double blog tomorrow. However I am very tired this morning. I stayed up all night doing my wild and crazy hair. It was not fun but at least its done (I hope). Do u ever have those days where your hair just will not do what u want it to do. That's how my damn hair is what seems like evryday. And my hair is even worse when I think that it is going to look good. So I just stopped caring. As long as I am not hairless. Oh and my warm days are here. Well not warm they are HOT and that makes me so happy. Now I have to wash my clothes to that I can have something to wear.I am very happy about that. I want new clothes and shoes for the summer but I really don't feel like shopping u know with my finacial condition and all. But all of that is not important. I am going to go now and read my book and try to stay awake here at work.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still Up

So I'm lying in bed tryin to figure out y in the world am I still awake. I have been awake since 530 AM and have not been able to sleep. I think I messed up my sleep schedule with my overnight shift. But all of that is fine because I only work 3 house tomorrow morning. I just wish I didn't have to be home alone. And my artistic juices have stopped flowing. I want to write poetry but the poems won't come. I am trippin. I have not been myself lately but I have to bring in my positive energy back.


I know I have been MIA for a minute but I'm kinda back. This has just been one of those weeks. I have had so many things go wrong but these things will only make me stronger. At the end of the day I have things I want to do and places I want to go but things go the way they want and not the way I want.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I slept pretty good last night and I think it was because I let out all of my late night frustrations here on my blog. I think that is going to be the way I get past all of my night time distraction. When I can't go to sleep I will just talk until my mind is clear

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Night Talk

Before I go to sleep I must clear my head. I would really love for people to comment on my blog. I have these blogs not only for ppl to see what I think be for u too show me what u think. So comment. Give me some feedback. Anyway that is not what is really on my mind. I reallt want to just vent about a holiday that I want to start. I want to make June 1st national clean up day. I want this to be the day that people go through their lives and clean up all the assholes and half way friends in their lives. I found that this makes for a better future u know. Sometime you have to clean up your past to see your future. And I just recently realized that myself. I had a lot of people that I called my friends only because I was always there for them but that time has past. It is time for my real friends to get the recognition that they deserve. So I have cleaned up my past and my future is looking so sos so sososo good. And for my male friends don't keep askin me for advice be a man and learn shit on your own there r only three men that I will advise no matter what and they r the boo the bro and the bestie. All of you other dudes need to figure shit out on your own because until u can help me I'm not helpin you. I think that is all I have to say so that I may sleep peacefully. But u know if I think of something else I will be right back up here blogging with the best of them. Well good night.

Just Fine

I just wanted to tell u guess that I have had no complaints these past few days. I am so over my lose and I am moving on. I am a little upset that about not working but I am getting alot of work done. OK...LOVE YOU FEW

Monday, April 20, 2009

Still NO Keys

So today is the day to find out if I left my keys where I think I left them... PRAY 4 ME. I really need to have those. I'm at work and I have not really been able to sleep like I wanted to because I have been worried about my keys. And my computer is still stuck on stupid. So I have to take my trips to the library to get my work done. And that includes my other blog but its raining today so I don't know what to do. I guess there will be know blog today. What a weekend. What A Weekend...SMDH

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So my day no my life just got worse...I have a computer project to do and remember my DAMN computer is Stupid...So I go to the library to try and do everything I need to do and I cant download the software on the library computers...AINT THAT A BITCH. Now there is a alternative assignment..BUT its a 10-12 page paper....and it is due in two weeks. That is why I say WTF!!! I did however finish a 4 hour quiz in 44 minutes and got 10 of 12 points and did not study YAY!!! I gues I am doing FINE. I just need a better option for this Project. I emailed the teacher so I hope she has something positive to say other than GOOD LUCK!!! :) Because teachers are good for that BULLSHIT line. They dont care about your luck...real good luck would be if u gave me the A kno Im good for it...LOL anyway I still have not found my keys, but i guess I never told u that i lost them yesterday...IDK where but I hope they come up, so life can only get better RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Damn Damn Damn

So my computer is being a dick so my blogging may be cut short for a while but don't worry I will make it work because I know how to find a computer. Well thought I would keep u informed of my status. I am loving the weather and the air condition. Love it

This Morning I jumped up ...

So good morning. I am at work and wishing I was still lying in my wonderful bed. If I could just sleep and sleep. I wonder what I'm going to have for lunch today. IDK. I am kinda hungry now but my buddy A left me a banana so that should hold me over until lunch time. I think I may have on too may clothes right now. - think I'm ranting again. But shit isn't that what this is for. So right now I am listening to Wale and I am a minor fan like I don't hate him but he doesn't make me feel any kinda way. So I have three more weeks until my summer break begins. I have like a month to save money for my vaca. I don't kno if I am going to make it. Well I think I may be done dumping my mind out on this page. Look out for minnie updates at LOVE

Friday, April 17, 2009

Today Was a Good Day...Scratch That A Great Day

So I had fun today. I went out with the boo and we went to The Silver Diner and Rugget Warehouse (got a so cute outfit for happy hour ,should have been two outfits though). After that we picked up a movie(The SPIRIT). I am so happy I am finally watching it. I am also clearing my poor computer of all its sicknesses and that is y this post is a mobile post. So yes today was a day to be remembered. I wish all days were like this. OH and good SEX helped it a lot too. (LOVE YOU BABY). So since my life is like a box of chocolates today it will probably be a bag of shit tomorrow so look out for that lol. PEACE. MUAH

Just got Paid Friday Night

Yes pay day just pasted and I am oh so happy . I have money again...but of course I got a little I overdrafted twice and there for my ODF was $70. I am tired...but I need to do something...So i am trying to be more positive number one and second i have to make moves. I want to get married next March and I really want to buy a house...But My major goal right now is to graduate and start my career and that is what i am going to do..all i need is the support of my friends. I know this blog is going in quite a different direction but I am not angry all the time...I just need help from MY GOD because only he can help me..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have not been to a good party in a long time. When I day good party I mean. Dance and pass out drunk good party. Where u don't know the person whose feet are in your face when u wake up in the morning but u know u were introduced to them. LOL. I want to go to one of those good old parties this summer. CUZ I only really party during my breaks. Winter spring and SUMMER which is in 3 weeks. I can't wait to put on that swimsuit and hit the beach and the pool. And get drunk everyday cuz I can. I miss the SUMMER. I hope to get a real summer this year. So far things have been not looking so summery. I want it to be 80 degrees or higher and the sun to shine all day and for the nights to be warm and breezy. Like the summers of the 90's. Gosh everything was so much better in the 90's (check out for more on the 90's). I just want to be able to relax in my air condition and love the summer. And pray that no one complains to GOD about it being to hot cuz now look what they did. Is it never going to be hot again? I don't know but I do know this the Summer is only what u make it so be safe and smart but have fun. Because everything is fun until some one gets hurt so use your sober mind and if u can't find your sober mind let some one else do the thinking and driving for u. We are loosing too many young ppl to alcohol and drunk violence. In the word of Eminem "Be smart don't be a retard". Well I could go on and on and on but who cares. Lol. MUAH and LOVE

Feelin Better


so all of my anger from last night is finally gone, YAY ME!!! I watched ANTM and it was good there are two and a half black girls still up there and they r going to Brazil...YES. I watching House of Payne right now and that show is so good... I cant wait until 10 though cuz thats when the new episodes come on. So check out for my latest gossip and discussions.


Mobile Post

So I am sitting at work and I really have nothing to talk about I just wanted to check in. My ride didn't show up and guess what happened, I had to fuckin walk to work at 6 am. Fun right. I am really tired and I just need rest. I'm like so ready to graduate but of course I have another long long long year. But I am going to make the best of it. And that is going to make me happy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The DEVIL is riding me a tryin me today....its like as soon as i get over one problem another problem comes to make my life worse. i just need a break i need a vacation i need MONEY. My life is a mess and its not because i am doing something wrong. I really need a new life. like i dislike people and there are alot of ppl on my SHIT list and they will know it when they see me, cuz when in the FUCK did u start workin all of my shifts....but that is not the point. I'm over it now and I am ready to go to bed.


So i called myself being responsible and signed up for a FREE credit report, and guess what that shit was not free. I went to check my account so i could eat but i have a -$12 in my account because my FREE credit report was fucking $30. so now i am broke until im hungry until thursday. this is the dumbest shit ever. i hate my life. i am very hungry and hunger equals anger... and anger equals in hungry angers and i have a headache. so FUCK PRIVACY MATTERS 123. and FUCK FREE TRIPLE SCORE .COM...DONT DO IT PPL.

So now that this is off my chest I can breath again I love you all....

Back At it

so i would like to apologize for my early morniing rant, it was so LD. but thats why it is a rant right. so I missed class this morning because when i woke up at 1030am after just getting off work at i really have to go on. so i am really loving this blog thing i just posted my first insert in my planet and i think it turned out pretty good. I want to thank my homie whitney for bringing blogspot into my life lol... and i am a follwer of her blog and if u read mine u will probably like hers. well thats all i have for now but I may be back before the day is out.



So I am up late because I have to work to survive and I am thinking about my life. Well really I am thinking about going to sleep but that's another story. As I type I am dosing off. But anyway I want to reflect on nothing and somwthing at the same time like how I work myself to death(new blog starts tomorrow) be there. I really just felt like nagging and babbling then when I started I decided I just wanted e understood. Some times I feel like I don't belong but hey that's life and if u can't live with it u will die. So I try to take the good with the bad. Just need sleep. Really I think that is all there is to it. I have had a lot on my mind but nowhere near enough time to sleep it off. Thoughts r like a cold they linger until u get enough sleep to fight back so I plan on forming an army today cuz I want to sleep my life away

Monday, April 13, 2009


So I decided that this blog is for random thoughts and has a lot less structure.but if u visit my planet there is a very structured lay out that u can check out every day. Well almost everyday

i dont know what to blogg about

So I have started this blog and I thought it was a great idea but now I am not so sure because I do not have any idea what I want to blog about. I'm truly blown. I have no idea how often I am going to post and I really have no idea if I even want ppl to read the mindless dribble that may come from this. I could post poems but who would really want to read them or even know what they were about. Then I thought maybe I could start discussions about random things. This is not a joke. I just thought of a way to run my blog. If I call it a show I can make it a show. I can give u a little celebrity news, the word of the day, a poem, a discussionn and so on and so forth. So yea this is going to be quite interesting. I hope that I can get the participation of the public. Anybody who knows me knows that I can start a pretty good discussion. SO ill be back later to start "The Fire Strength and Words Show".


So Here We Go

I really dont know where to start so i will start by saying I stared this blog to put myself out there. I have not been able to do so yet and i will not be able to do so right now. I just want people to know that I am here and ready to be heard so u hope that u are ready to listen....