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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The People I Call Friends

I think I have a problem with calling ppl my friends too quickly. Let me tell u about some of the ppl I call my friends.
One of my So Called Friends(SCF) decided it would be a good idea to tell me how they felt they needed an explanation as to why I don't chill with them anymore. When I was pretty sure I told this SCF that I was broke and starving. So all I do is work go to the gym and sleep because I have no money to eat. I didn't say anything when this same asshole stopped talking to me for almost a fucking month.

Then don't get me started on this SCF that does not respond to any of my any kind of messages until they want something and then when I call them out on it they have the fuckin nerve to get upset with me. Really that's how u feel. This person should be lucky they r back in my life period after the emotional confusion they took me thru.

And the new SCF. That was texting me everyday now I don't even get a hey because I told them NO for the first time. The fuck outta here with that little kid shit.

You kno what I'm just done. I am no longer allowing walk-ins into my life. From now on u need 3 references, an appointment for an interview and a fuckin resume.

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