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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Bells: The Proclamation

Hey Hey Hey...I hear those school bells ringing so u know its time to get in there. I am trying to decide what my style for this semester will be but its hard because I am a different kinda chick. I think I'm going with animal print...but i also bought a lot of v necks and beaters...but i will still be incorporating animal print you'll see me LOL. Plus with my new natural hair I think I'm ready to kick off this senior year hard. Today i am doing laundry and I need to buy some shades and shoes...I have my $40 Mani and I'm doing my free Pedi tonight...I HOPE...Things are looking ^UP^ and I am excited. Senior year is going to be my year and May 22, 2010 is going to be my day. So please remember that I said that and when I'm down please refer me back to this post if you care about my sanity. Well I'm off to do stuff.....Love You Guys

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