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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Discussion: My CRACK

Its been a minute since we had one of these, I guess because nothing really seemed that important to me for a while, but yesterday I relapsed from my rehab on my addiction and not I'm going effin crazy. For those of you who don't know I am addicted to "The Sims" and yes it is my crack. I have been a video game whore for years, from the time I got a Super Nintendo,to first time I got on the internet at my parents house, to the first time I bought a computer game (Dark Earth then Tomb Raider),to the PS1,2 and 3 , and all of them have had the same time freezing, life numbing affect on my life. With all those games I eventually got bored not necessarily with the games but with staying up for hours and hours knowing that I have shit to do the next day. But the Sims does something to me. I was up until 4AM this morning playing that damn game knowing I had to wake up at 540AM. Every time I looked at the clock I was saying to myself that "all ill need is a nap" or "I won't be that tired in the morning" but that's how it starts. In the past I have stayed up for 2 and a half days playing and playing the Sims. Not noticing that the sun was back up or that it had ever gone down. So what happened last night was not as bad as the past but its a sign that it can only get worse. The Sims 3 has come along (just like all of the Sims games in the past) and pushed all of my other activities aside,homework,blogging,studying, reading,watching ANTM, watching RHoATL, and all the other things you know I do. I thought I could just play for a little while and then step away from the computer at a reasonable hour but I couldn't. I even stopped to take a shower and came right back. I am sad about my relapse but the game is very fulfilling and a great stress reliever. Well I am trying to stay awake now and this is a struggle. Why do I do these things to myself?

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