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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Death of My Future

If you dont know who this young man is I suggest you turn on a TV, Radio, internet anything and look at it. This is Derrion Albert and this young man was beaten to death last month by a group of teenagers, and yes it was recorded and put on the internet(our generation I guess). Just talkin about this is making me sad and making me want to cry. Please research him for me so you can know why I am saddened. But recently I have been rethinking my desire to move to Chicago and I really think that this has mad my decision for me. I have never really felt this way about these things..I have watched fights on YouTube all the time but this one touched me. It is disgusting how our blck youth are killing one another and no one seems to want to talk...How can I dream of raising my children in a place where they may not live to see 17 y/o. Something needs to be done because if this is the future...the world is in danger....I cant type anymore My eyes are clouded by my tears.

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