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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life's Riddle: Who, When, Where?

I am the bloom of a flower on a summers crisp day
I am the melting of the ice from that summer suns ray
I am the dream that exhales from the eyes of all day
I am the growth of the seed that was blown a stray

It was a time when the world needed to free space
When every where that u went was the perfect place
When time was slow and man knew no race
When women carried themselves with style and grace

It is a place where men and women can all me free
Where there's no I, me, them, or us, just WE
Where things are asked of you and there is no decree
Where u can be a somebody with no degree

These are the question asked of me
Where will I go and who will I be
I answer these questions simply
I am who I am and I'll be who I be

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