They R N My Head...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Snap Out of It

I'm back to my normal self again. Well as normal as I can get and that is a good thing. I got to see some really pretty lightening tonight and that was a bonus. I watched an alright movie(I figured it out 20 minutes into the movie) and I spent time with my birthday boy who is sleeping again lol. I tell u this guy sleeps like nobodies business. So I'm lying down now trying to fall asleep but I have so much jumbled in my brain. The infamous Chris Brown has been spending too much time at my school lately and that is pissin me off not to mention the fact that he is causing all kinds of crazy. If u read my other blog u would kno that I am not a fan of the Chrissy (and this was before the Rih Rih situation that just made me speak out). So the fact that he may b using my schools facilities for free pisses me off. I should kick his ass and show him who's boss round these here parts then chicks will see that he does fight girls and his career could possibly be over forever. But y cuz I'm mad. I'm glad I'm too old for the bullshit I'm just sick of the nonsense. And I hope that I don't seem too bitchy I just feel how I feel

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