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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eddie Murphy and Other Comedians that I Like

I was watching the late show and I was loving it because it had eddie murphy on. I have been a fan of Eddie all my life. Other than Sinbad he was the only comedian that I really had to watch everything he did. Now that I am older I have the amazing respect for the man. His name has been drug thru the mud so much but he still stands making movies and making people laugh. People say that Eddie lost his edge and that he is not funny anymore but I disagree, he is hilarious to me. In my opinion he only made one horrible movie and that was "Bowfinger" other than that all of his movies had that Eddie Murphy special kind of funny. Because I admire Eddie so much its hard for me to laugh at some of this so called comedy now a days. I think that Eddie Murphy is a comical genius. And I will give you my list of comical geniuses right now in no particular order:

1. Richard Pryor
2. Eddie Murphy
3. Charlie Murphy
4. Dave Chapelle
5. Steve Harvey
6. Ricky Smiley
7. Dane Cook
8. Margret Cho
9. Katt Williams
10. Chelsea Handler

These people in my opinion have their own special brand of comedy. Either you love it or you hate it. And I love all ten of these brilliant people.

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