They R N My Head...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When talking to a few of my female friends(yes I do fux with a few chicas LOL)yesterday I realized as females we have a problem with letting go. We need explanations and calculation and investigations. We can't just let things go. I have noticed that in order for me to move on in the past I have had to start a new relationship. Its just silly. We as women need to start standing strong in what we believe in. I have started deleting ppls numbers from my phone but I always find a way to get their numbers back. I have been hurt so much in my short years that I sometimes even over react to the things that ppl don't do. This is not about male relationships. This is about all relationships. I have had ppl drop me just for me to find out I did nothing wrong but the whole time we weren't talking I was thinking that I had done something so I make it a point not to drop ppl for no reason and not to drop ppl without letting them know why. Because if they r really your friend u should b able to talk it out. I have recently been re-introduced to two of the realest females I know and they r ppl that I have known all my life and at the end of the day even they have letting go problems. I don't judge because I have been there and I am writing this blog to let them know that I know where they r coming from. The bottom line is women can't let go with out knowing what they r letting go of and y.

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