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Friday, June 5, 2009

Laying in the Room

I have been up since 1pm and it is now 401 am. I am so lost and have the slightest idea y I am awake. Well it is kinda hot in the house and I am really bored. There is something about my home town that keeps me up all night. When I say there is nothing to do there is totally nothing to do but still I am here,awake and wondering why. Not ony wondering y but knowing that no one will read this until I am fast asleep or unable to do anything but sit somewhere with my mom tomorrow and look at the walls. And don't even get me started on my hair. Every since it started growing I am at a total lose for what I dhould do with it. And I never really have to. Experiment to I am stuck with silly atempts to look cool or at least have way decent. I knew I should have left my raggity hair alone and just let it me bad looking (to me) cuz ppl just say "y did u cut your hair" and when u explain they say " I didn't see anything wrong with it". Well of course u didn't its not like I was going around showing evrybody how bad my hair was breaking off. And don't get me start on my mother's mood swings. Y is she insisting on annoying me or upsetting me. AND Y AM I SO DAMN SENSATIVE? Not to mention I'm here without my boo and nobody I chill with.

So after one day this is turning into a very mediocre visit home and as I get more or less annoyed I will keep u updated.

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