They R N My Head...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brain Drain

Well this is where I let out a few random thoughts. It won't make sense it may be a little funny but its just a way for me to empty my hate friends enemies love lost home friends water water water reaching out for me I am so fuckin depressed I need help I need friends I need love. I'm so lost. Joy anger brain brain brain sorrow. Ill be one tough act to follow. No followers. Relationships. Damn. Fuck relationships. Tears. Loneliness flashing lights beauty. Inner outer friends. Hope faith God the Devil food hunger money ha ha ha ha. I need real time. I love my friends. I need a new life a new day. A new a new me. Short hair. I want my hair back. I digress. I want to smile smile smile smile smile smile damnit damnit just smile. Please no tears. Stop don't cry. Stay cool its just a brain drain chill out. Deep breathes breathe breathe. Old friends. Weird ppl. Y do I always meet fucked up ppl. Y do I want to be liked by ppl. I want to be a bitch. Y can't I be mean. Y can't he just leave me. I need help lately I've been hard to reach. Where am I. I'm not answering myself. Beauty inner. Outer. Do I have either damn damn. D. A. M. N. What in the fuck is in my mind.


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