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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Should Be Sleep But...

Well I should be sleep but I just wanna talk. I realized today that what's cute to some is not cute to all. Mind you I am not ugly but I guess I'm not what the average dude would call cute. I hold myself to a high standard and I love the people who r around me and let me kno I am beautiful. But I guess those r just the people who kno me. I feel like I pride myself on not being ugly but it hurts when ppl don't agree that u r cute. I don't kno how many ppl feel me on that but that was on my mind and I think that is why I am still awake. I love the ppl who say I am beautiful but r they just saying that because they kno me or did they think that when they first saw me. IDK. Some ppl like my bestie, my dude and some of my closer friends have told me that they always thought I was beautiful. But now I'm getting sleepy see venting and ranting is better than masturbation if u need to sleep.

But befor I go to sleep I have to say one more thing. Why are we still on the light skinned dark skinned brown skinned thing. Yes I do believe that anything darked that light is often over looked and just like lighter girls we are always assumed to be something other than black if we are pretty of have nice skin or curly hair. Why can't I be black. Black men need to stop downing women. Your preference is your preference but just because I'm brown does not make me ugly. Get with it. Briwn is. Back. I love all od my black sisters and we need to stand together and let these niggas kno that u won't turn us against one another.

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