They R N My Head...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Wat team I don't have one...I don't have friends that die hard for me like I die hard for them and I think that is something I will never get used to so I have to change. I have to make ppl see that I don't wanna b a giver anymore I want to me a sitter. I want to sit and wait for other ppl to do shit and that should b fine but it won't be. I'm sick of calling the bank and getting the rudest person in there on the phone when my money isn't right. I'm sick of giving to my friends just for them to say fuck u until they need something again. And I am tired of life. If I was the suicide type I think this post would be my going away present to the world but since I'm not its just another rant about how my life no matter how simple it may seem is complicated. Shit I want a man who will take care of me and give to me without looking at his bank account. I need friends who want to help me and not just party and drink with me. I need to start over. Because if I could go back to 5 years ago I would have all of that and more because I would do things that make me happy. And right now in my life I am not happy and I damn sure deserve to be.

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