They R N My Head...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So my day no my life just got worse...I have a computer project to do and remember my DAMN computer is Stupid...So I go to the library to try and do everything I need to do and I cant download the software on the library computers...AINT THAT A BITCH. Now there is a alternative assignment..BUT its a 10-12 page paper....and it is due in two weeks. That is why I say WTF!!! I did however finish a 4 hour quiz in 44 minutes and got 10 of 12 points and did not study YAY!!! I gues I am doing FINE. I just need a better option for this Project. I emailed the teacher so I hope she has something positive to say other than GOOD LUCK!!! :) Because teachers are good for that BULLSHIT line. They dont care about your luck...real good luck would be if u gave me the A kno Im good for it...LOL anyway I still have not found my keys, but i guess I never told u that i lost them yesterday...IDK where but I hope they come up, so life can only get better RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT!!!!

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