They R N My Head...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Night Talk

Before I go to sleep I must clear my head. I would really love for people to comment on my blog. I have these blogs not only for ppl to see what I think be for u too show me what u think. So comment. Give me some feedback. Anyway that is not what is really on my mind. I reallt want to just vent about a holiday that I want to start. I want to make June 1st national clean up day. I want this to be the day that people go through their lives and clean up all the assholes and half way friends in their lives. I found that this makes for a better future u know. Sometime you have to clean up your past to see your future. And I just recently realized that myself. I had a lot of people that I called my friends only because I was always there for them but that time has past. It is time for my real friends to get the recognition that they deserve. So I have cleaned up my past and my future is looking so sos so sososo good. And for my male friends don't keep askin me for advice be a man and learn shit on your own there r only three men that I will advise no matter what and they r the boo the bro and the bestie. All of you other dudes need to figure shit out on your own because until u can help me I'm not helpin you. I think that is all I have to say so that I may sleep peacefully. But u know if I think of something else I will be right back up here blogging with the best of them. Well good night.

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