They R N My Head...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Words

Well there will be no blog at Mayweather Planet today but I will have a double blog tomorrow. However I am very tired this morning. I stayed up all night doing my wild and crazy hair. It was not fun but at least its done (I hope). Do u ever have those days where your hair just will not do what u want it to do. That's how my damn hair is what seems like evryday. And my hair is even worse when I think that it is going to look good. So I just stopped caring. As long as I am not hairless. Oh and my warm days are here. Well not warm they are HOT and that makes me so happy. Now I have to wash my clothes to that I can have something to wear.I am very happy about that. I want new clothes and shoes for the summer but I really don't feel like shopping u know with my finacial condition and all. But all of that is not important. I am going to go now and read my book and try to stay awake here at work.

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